Gaming and Design PC i9 9900KF

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Ultimate Gaming and Design PC (i9 9900KF/16GB DDR4 / M.2 PCIe 1TB / MSI RTX2080Ti O11GB )


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Tags: Office, Student, Gaming

-CPU : Intel Core i9 9900KF

-CPU Cooler: Liquid Deepcool Castle 360 RGB 

-Ram: 16GB DDR4 3000MHz RGB 

-HDD : M.2 PCIe SX8200 Pro 1TB

-Motherboard : MSI MEG Z390 ACE

-Graphic Card : MSI RTX2080Ti  Trix O11G

-Power Supply : Power Deepcool DQ850M 

-Case : Jonsbo MOD3

-Fan Case: darkFlash CF8 Pro x 3fans 

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