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Linkbasic 42U NCB Cabinet 600x1000x2055

 Standard accessories: One A = steel casement door One D = proforation steel door&nbs..


Linkbasic 42U NCB Cabinet 600x800x2055

Steel Casement DoorPerforation Steel DoorDouble Swing Steel DoorJacking Feet 4pcsStandard accessorie..


Linkbasic 42U NCB Cabinet 800x1000x2055

Standard accessories: One A = steel casement door One F = Double swing steel door ( perforated ..


Linkbasic 42U NCB cabinet 800x1200x2055

Linkbasic 42U NCB cabinet 800x1200x2055 (NCB42-812-DFA-C)Linkbasic 42U NCB cabinet in 800mm(wid..


RACK 12U 600(W)x600(D)x720(H) Supreme

RACK 12U 600(W)x600(D)x720(H) SupremRACK 12U rack mount ( has wheel)RACK 12U Size: 600(Width) x..


RACK 15U 600(W)x600(D)x780(H) Supreme

RACK 15U Supreme rack mountSize: 600(Width) x 600(Depth) x 780(Height)Accessories: 1 x Fans, 1 x Tra..


RACK 15U 600(W)x600(D)x800(H) Glass door

RACK 15U 600(W)x600(D)x800(H) Glass door RACK 15U rack mount ( has wheel)Size: 600(Width)..


RACK 18U 600(W)x600(D)x1000(H)

RACK 18U 600(W)x600(D)x1000(H) -RACK 18U rack mount-Size: 600(Width) x 600(Depth) x 1000(Height..


RACK 22U 600(W)x960(D)x1200(H)

RACK 22U 600(W)x960(D)x1200(H)RACK 22U rack mountSize: 600(Width) x 960(Depth) x 1200(Height)Accesso..


RACK 27U 600(W)x600(D)x1400(H)

RACK 27U 600(W)x600(D)x1400(H)-RACK 27U rack mount-Size: 600(Width) x 600(Depth) x 1400(Height)-Acce..


RACK 27U 600(W)x800(D)x1400(H)

RACK 27U 600(W)x800(D)x1400(H)RACK 27U rack mountSize: 600(Width) x 800(Depth) x 1400(Height)Accesso..


RACK 27U 600(W)x960(D)x1400(H)

RACK 27U 600(W)x960(D)x1400(H)RACK 27USize: 600(Width) x 960(Depth) x 1400(Height)Accessories: 4 x F..


RACK 42U 800(W)x1000(D)x2000(H)

RACK 42U 800(Width) x 1000(Depth) x 2000(Height), 2 x doors, SupremeRACK has 2 x doors and supremeSi..


RACK 6U 600(W)x450(D)x380(H)

RACK 6U 600(W)x450(D)x380(H)RACK 6U wall mount ( no wheel)Size: 600(Width) x 450(Depth) x 380(Height..


RACK 9U 600(W)x450(D)x510(H),1 x door Supreme

RACK 9U 600(W) x 450(D) x 510(H),1 x door SupremeRACK has 1 x door supremeSize: 600(Width) x 450(Dep..


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