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Zkteco ​BioSmart-Zpad Flexible Time Management Terminal with Android OS


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BioSmart-Zpad is a revolutionary time management terminal integrated with Android 4.1 system. This new mix of biometric technology and Android platform makes the device more user-friendly. The standard version provides professional Apps for time attendance management.

Available with a complete middleware solution, this terminal not only focuses on time management, but due to its Android Operating System,it can help you develop infinite types of applications in a intuitive and comfortable way, with the possibility to develop different solutions for a wide range of sectors in the vertical market.

With modern communication methods such as TCP/IP, USB Host, USB Client, Wi-Fi and 3G(WCDMA), it can realize a convenient communication at anytime anywhere.


 • 7” Multi-Touch LCD Screen

 • Flexible Widgets plugin for your Homepage Customization

 • 10+ Themes available to Customize your Personalized User Interface

 • 10+ Time Attendance Management Apps

 • Standalone Employee’s Shift & Schedule Management Function

 • Self-Service Report and Data Management

 • Font Size Zoom Function

 • Humane User Navigation Wizards

 Flexible Relay Setting for Door Lock & Door Bell

 • Support Multi-location Data Collection

 • 3G Communication (Optional)

 • Equipped With Backup Battery (Optional)

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