DTECH DT-6618 (5M) High - Gold One Computer
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DTECH DT-6618 (5M) High Speed HDMI Cable

DTECH DT-6618 (5M) High Speed HDMI Cable

  • Brand:Dtech
  • Product Code: DT-6618 (5M)
  • $8.00

Dtech HDMI 1.4HD Transmission Cable Parameters:

1.HDMI interface is gold plate, protected by dust cover, plug and play, stable signal transmission.

2.Condutor made of high-purity oxygen-free Copper core, standard version1.4,signal twisted pair.

3.Core made of 125% special shielding aluminum foil,128 high-density woven mesh ,plus PET nylon woven mesh

 wear-resistant tensile.

4.Transmission signal support: 720,1080P,4K*2K digital signal.

5.Suitable for devices with HDMI interface, computer HD play, BD blu-ray  player, LCD TV,PS3/XBOX ,projector etc.

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