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AGON AG455UCX ( 2K / 45" / Curved / 165Hz / HDR400 / sRGB 122% / DCI P3 97% / USB-C 90W  )

AGON AG455UCX ( 2K / 45" / Curved / 165Hz / HDR400 / sRGB 122% / DCI P3 97% / USB-C 90W )

  • Brand:AOC
  • Product Code: AG455UCX
  • $799.00

Product name (model name)AG455UCX
Screen size (diagonal)44.5" curved surface
Visible size (diagonal)113cm
screen aspect ratio32:9
Panel typeVA technology
point distance0.2124(H)x0.2124(V)mm
Screen size1087.488(H)x305.856(V)mm
Brightness (Typical value)400cd/m² [*]
Contrast (Typ/Min)3000:1/2400:1
Dynamic Contrast (Typical)80000000:1
Response time (typ)1ms(MPRT)[*]  
Viewing angle (horizontal/vertical) (typ.)178°/178°(CR>10)
scanning frequency





maximum resolution5120x1440@165Hz(HDMI,DP[*],USB C[*])
Display color16.7M
Color Gamut (Typical)

100% sRGB coverage (based on CIE 1931)

122% sRGB color gamut area (based on CIE 1931)

93% DCI-P3 coverage (based on CIE 1976)

97% DCI-P3 color gamut area (based on CIE 1976)

84% NTSC coverage (based on CIE 1976)

106% NTSC color gamut area (based on CIE 1976)


Factory color calibration (average)ΔE<2 (sRGB)[*]
HDCP functionhave
interfaceHDMI2.1(HDR)×3, DP1.4(HDR), USB C(DP Alt, HDR), USB3.2 Gen1×4, USB upstream, human-machine controller interface, audio output
plug and playVESA DDC2B/CI
Rated power100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 3A
Power consumption

Normal operation: 75W (typical value);


User controlKVM, signal source switch/up, crosshair/down, game mode/reduce/left, dark field control/increase/right, power switch/menu/select
OSD languageEnglish, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Polish, Czech, Russian, Portuguese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Finnish, Dutch, Turkish, Ukrainian
CertificationCCC, CEL, CH RoHS, Win11, CE, FCC
Shell colorblack, grey
wall hangingVESA 100mm×100mm
BracketTilt: -5°~23°
Vertical rotation: None
Height adjustment: 150mm
Rotation left and right: -30°~30°
Monitor (including stand/base)1084.5(W)x(445.3~548.4)(H)x315.5(D)mm
Monitor (without stand/base)1084.5(W)x336.6(H)x158.0(D)mm
Packing box1180(W)x235(H)x535(D)mm
Net weight (including bracket/base)12.47kg
Net weight (excluding bracket/base)10.13kg
Gross weight (including packaging)17.33kg

1) AMD FreeSync Premium Pro (Intelligent Gaming Display) technology brings fast, smooth and tear-free gaming performance, giving players an important competitive advantage[*]

2) VESA DisplayHDR™ 400 certification, delivering deeper blacks and brighter whites, presenting visual effects similar to those in real environments

3) 1500R curvature, the depth of the picture brings an unparalleled sense of surround and immersion

4) Curved screen reduces interference from reflected light sources and is equipped with flicker-free screen technology[*], making your eyes healthier

5) 32:9 hairtail screen, DQHD resolution, wider field of view, easy display of game maps/business reports

6) 165Hz high refresh rate, 1ms (MPRT)[*] response time, whether playing games, watching movies or enjoying Internet content, brings clear and smooth high-definition picture quality

7) VA wide viewing angle LCD panel, 3000:1 high static contrast ratio, 80 million:1 high dynamic contrast ratio, the picture is clearer and sharper, bringing a realistic visual experience

8) 122% sRGB, 106% NTSC color gamut area[*], color accuracy ΔE<2 (average)[*], more accurate and rich color presentation

9) DP1.4, HDMI2.1 and other high-definition interfaces and audio output interfaces provide a series of convenient connectivity and high compatibility. The built-in 5Wx2 speakers provide an immersive home entertainment feast.

10) USB C interface, easily connects to mobile devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc., and transmits the display to a large-screen monitor[*], which comprehensively upgrades the web browsing and entertainment experience! At the same time, it supports a maximum power output of 90W[*] to charge mobile devices.

11) PBP dual-screen display function, display two signals on the screen at the same time, watch movies, play games, and share entertainment

12) The USB3.2 Gen1 interface brings a fast transmission experience, and the yellow interface supports fast charging of USB devices

13) KVM easy-to-use mode, when USB C and other signal sources are input at the same time, one set of keyboard and mouse is shared and automatically switched, making it convenient and easy to use[*]

14) Aigong E-Sports Menu, G-Menu adjustment software, comes with a lightweight remote control, and you can adjust e-Sports parameters as you like

15) Low blue light setting, easily switch to low blue light scene mode and reduce the impact of harmful blue light

16) Low input lag, one step ahead, discover targets in time and seize the opportunity

17) MBR low motion blur technology provides sharp edges and reduces motion blur

18) One-click settings for FPS/RTS and other game modes to quickly enter the game state

19) Quickly turn on the game crosshair to help FPS game shooting and aiming

20) Dark field control, discover enemies in the dark first and react quickly

21) Game tone adjustment, optimizing gray scale display and picture color saturation

22) Frame counter, showing the real-time refresh rate of the screen

23) Multi-screen ratio adjustment to meet players’ battle situation requirements

24) 2mm micro frame, 6.8mm narrow screen black border

25) Telescopic headphone hook and ergonomic stand support three-way adjustment (up and down lift/left and right rotation/front and back tilt), providing users with a comfortable entertainment experience

the data shows

[*]: MPRT response time is the minimum value data, from AOC laboratory, measured with Overdrive set to "enhanced". Values ​​may vary slightly due to different testing environments or individual products, please refer to the actual product.

[*]: Color accuracy ΔE<2 is the average data, from AOC laboratory, measured in sRGB mode. Values ​​may vary slightly due to different testing environments or individual products, please refer to the actual product.

[*]: Color gamut specifications are typical value data, obtained from AOC laboratory, measured under factory default settings and with the contrast at maximum. Values ​​may vary slightly due to different testing environments or individual products, please refer to the actual product.

[*]: 122% sRGB color gamut area is based on CIE 1931; 106% NTSC color gamut area is based on CIE 1976

[*]: Brightness specifications are typical value data from AOC Laboratory. Measured at factory default settings with brightness/contrast at maximum. Values ​​may vary slightly due to different testing environments or individual products, please refer to the actual product.

[*]: According to the VESA standard, different operating systems and graphics cards may have a certain error (+/-1Hz) when calculating the refresh rate (field frequency). To improve compatibility, the nominal refresh rate of this product has been adjusted. Due to rounding, please refer to the actual product.

[*]: To ensure the display performance of the monitor, the USB A interface of this monitor transmits at the USB2.0 rate by default. If you need to adjust, please set it in the "USB" option of the OSD menu. When "High Data Speed" is selected, the data transfer rate takes priority, the display performance is limited, and the USB C interface resolution and refresh rate may not reach the maximum value.

[*]: DP1.4 signal input, in order to achieve 5120x1440@165Hz, a graphics card that supports DSC must be used. Please check with your graphics card manufacturer for DSC support

[*]: HDMI2.1 signal input, in order to achieve resolution of 5120x1440@120Hz and above, the standard HDMI2.1 signal cable must be used, and the OSD menu "HDMI" must be set to "5K1K", and a cable that supports FRL must be used graphics card. Please check with your graphics card manufacturer for FRL support

[*]: USB C (DP Alt) signal input, and when "USB" is set to "High Resolution", the maximum resolution is 5120x1440@165Hz (YCbCr 4:2:2/4:2:0) or 5120x1440@ 120Hz(YCbCr 4:4:4/RGB)

[*]: When USB C (DP Alt) (HBR3) signal is input and the resolution is 5120x1440@165Hz, it needs to be set to YCbCr 4:2:2/4:2:0 format to reach 16.7M display color number. Due to output limitations of some graphics cards, there may be differences.

[*]: Multi-functional USB C interface, the external output power is up to 90W. Affected by the use scene environment, the output power may be different when connected to different models of laptops. The specific data is subject to the actual situation.

[*]: USB C interface for screencasting, the mobile device must support USB C (DP Alt) function

[*]: The USB A interface can only transmit data when the monitor and computer are connected using a USB CC cable or USB (upstream) cable with data transmission function, such as connecting a mouse, keyboard, USB flash drive, etc. Without this connection, the USB A interface can only provide external power. It is recommended to use the USB A interface to connect mice, keyboards and other devices to save computer interfaces

[*]: In full-screen display state, through the KVM function, you can use a set of keyboard and mouse to control two signal output devices (two computers, or two laptops, or one computer and one laptop)

[*]: When PBP is turned on, some color-related adjustments in the OSD menu are only valid for the main screen, but not for the sub-screen. Therefore, the main screen and sub-screen may have different colors

[*]: When "MBR" = 0 and "Overdrive" ≠ "Enhanced", the screen will not flicker.

[*]: Unless otherwise specified, the data involved in this page come from AOC Laboratory. In actual use, the values ​​will vary slightly due to different testing environments or individual products. Please refer to the actual product.

[*]: Adaptive Sync upgraded to AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, imported manufacturing date 2023-10-11

packing list

LCD Monitor

Simple instructions

warranty certificate

Monitor base/stand

power cable

DP signal line

HDMI signal cable

USB CC cable

USB (upstream) cable

remote control

Remote control battery


Factory color calibration report

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